Bath Set



Surprise mums and father’s expectation at the baby shower with this stylish and practical set. Perfect for newborn to toddler has everything parents need. 


Soft hairbrush made with natural goat hair bristles, making it gentle on your little one's delicate crown and fine hair. The bristles encourage even distribution of natural oils to condition hair and help prevent cradle cap. Better blood circulation and better sleep, provide relaxing sensation.

  • Specialize Baby comfort & hygiene
  • For wet and dry hair
  • Prevents cradle cap
  • Made with natural wood and Goat's hair bristles
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Size: 15cms in length


A premium wooden comb which easily entangles tiny knots and is also perfect for styling.


Designed to provide a deep cleanse encourage skin renewal. Naturally moisturizes the leave your skin shining, ideal for delicate and sensitive skin.

  • Drop shape
  • Face & Body
  • Pure Vegetable plant fibre
  • 100% Natural
  • Vegan friendly
  • Daily use
  • Environmentally friendly 

Sponge Packaged in a Organic Paper Bag

Brush & Comb comes in a beautiful Canvas Bag

DIRECTIONS: Hydrate sponge with warm water and squeeze out the excess water before using massage gently in circular motions on the face or body. For a deeper clean add cleanser. Rinse after use and hang to dry properly in a well-ventilated place.

WARNING: Do not leave infant unattended with sponge, discontinue use if skin irritation occurs and seek medical advice.


Do not submerge into water wipe with a damp cloth, reshape bristles by forming with your hands.

Product Description

✅ORGANIC KONJAC SPONGE – Made from pure Vegetable plant fibre, 100% natural vegan Bayway’s sponge has been designed to provide a deep cleanse encourage skin renewal. Naturally moisturizes the leave your skin shining, ideal for delicate and sensitive skin face & Body. Perfect for a daily use help to maintain the health of facial skin. Environmentally friendly it comes packaged in an organic paper bag. 

✅NATURAL HAIRBRUSH - Babyway 100% premium grade natural natural soft goat bristles, made entirely out of premium beechwood provide relaxing massage and increases baby’s circulation. Perfectly safe for newborns, toddlers and kids. The bristles encourage distribution of natural oils, help prevent cradle cap and promote healthy hair growth. Use simply after a warm bath for the best style or even suitable anytime for dry hair. 

✅STYLE WOODEN COMB - This premium wood comb is is excellent to help parents softly detangling bubs hair or comb it while it is wet. Produced with eco-friendly premium wood, this comb is designed to help parents softly detangle every little one’s hair. For wet and dry hair completely baby safe light and easy to carry around wherever you go. 

✅EVERYTHING ON SET – Designed from premium quality durable beech wood, natural goat hair, organic Konjac sponge this set has everything parents need for grooming baby's hair from infant to toddler. Includes a hairbrush, a wooden comb, natural konjac body face sponge and bonus premium canvas bag to storage at home or travelling.

✅BABY SHOWER & GIFT - Babyway bath set is a great idea for a baby shower or get the set as a present for new mom and dad. Entire hair grooming set, which grows with baby, it’s ready to go parents will love the quality and the memorable design.

*We try our best to accurately reflect the product's picure color, however, in person can be slightly different. Please keep in mind.

*Organic BeechWood grain will be slightly different due to the nature of the wood used.

*Please note it is normal for a few bristles to shed over the products life time.